Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My final weeks abroad - A summary

SO.... I confess that I neglected to write my final posts during my study abroad time. I was very busy during my final weeks in Copenhagen. My second class in Copenhagen was Positive Psychology. During the course, we were exposed to different ways of thinking and formed new beliefs. In the process, I know that I improved myself as not only a student but on a more personal level. During this class we went on a study tour to Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. While on our study tour we were exposed to meditation to create mindfulness, a positive psychology clinic, practicing acts of random kindness using monetary value, and pushing ourselves to try new things by paddle boarding or canoeing down a loch. After returning to Copenhagen, my thinking process was completely transformed. I gained awareness of the now and how to obtain my own happiness. I gained knowledge that I was never aware I could gain and I began to see this way of thinking all around me.
At the end of this course, I knew why I was drawn to study abroad in Denmark. The Danish are one of the happiest people in the world and after experiencing their culture and everyday lifestyles, I was able to gain a sense of happiness.
The kind of happiness that will stay with me forever.

Bottom line, Studying abroad can be a challenge. It's a journey, but a journey always consists of ups, downs, and lessons learned throughout. This journey will change your life. This journey can bring you happiness and joy that you could never have imagined. This journey is indescribable and individuals to every person. This journey is YOUR JOURNEY, so take your next step.
Where do you want to start? I started mine in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travel break!

I finished up with my first class last wednesday and didn't begin my second until the next monday at 1:30pm. So a few friends and I decided to travel to Paris and Amsterdam. We departed from Copenhagen via plane on wednesday night to Paris. The next day was full of tours and exploring the city. Paris is a very different city than Copenhagen. It's much more touristy and crowded. However, being surrounded by all the culture and art definitely made it an amazing visit.
On Saturday morning we traveled to Amsterdam on a high speed train. It only took three hours and we were in the heart of the city by 10:00am. I loved Amsterdam! The people were so friendly and welcoming. Also, the city is so unique. Unlike anything I have seen before. After two short days we boarded a night train to travel back to Copenhagen.
This travel break was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot. I am traveling for a 8 days after my program ends and I can't wait to see more amazing cities and experience the cultures.

Like I said before I just began my new class. It's positive psychology and I am loving it! It focuses on being positive and how this can affect your life. We have only had three classes but I can tell its going to be an amazing class.

Time for some photos!


The Gardens of Versailles

The Eiffel Tower 


The National Monument in Amsterdam

Monday, June 3, 2013

Adventure trip: Southern Sweden

This past weekend I was able to go on an adventure tour through DIS to Southern Sweden. It has absolutely been my favorite experience thus far.
The itinerary for the trip:

Saturday June 1: 
7:20 am - Meet at Frue Plads and depart for Sweden by bus. Arrive in Helsingor and take the ferry to Helsingborg. 

Approx. 10:00am - Canoeing down Ronnea River

13:00 - Docking of the Canoes

13:30 - Departure for Hostel 

14:15 - Arrival and Lunch at the Hostel (The Hostel was so pretty and nice. You couldn't even wear shoes inside! And the food was delicious!)

15:15 - Departure by bus to Himmelstorpsgarden

15:30 - Hiking to Nimis (Nimis is a maze like massive sculpture created by an artist who wished to start his own country, it is now it's own nation of Ladonia)

18:00 - Back to the Hostel

19:00 - BBQ in the Hostel Garden

Sunday June 2:
8:00 - Rise and Shine 

9:15 - Departure by bus to Kullaberg

10:00 - 12:00 - Rapelling down the beautiful cliffs above the water in Kullaberg. (Truly breath-taking!)

12:00 - 13:00 - Lunch Time

13:00 - 15:00 - Orienteering - armed with a map and compass, groups explored the Kullaberg peninsula and took on challenges. The group with the most accurate answers wins a prize! (My group won!!! I was so excited)

16:15 - Coffee and Cake at a Swedish cafe with tradition Swedish baked goods. (Vanilla hearts and yummy raspberry cake)

17:00 - Departure by bus for Copenhagen, followed by ferry. 

19:30 - Arrival back at Frue Plads

This trip was truly amazing. I loved every part of it and it was also a great workout!
 I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Before we took off for our two hours canoeing adventure

Canoeing down the River

Nimis from above

Going Down

The Beautiful Coast of Southern Sweden

The Smaller Rappelling Site

A view from the top

So happy I came on this trip! Thumbs up!

Swedish Cafe, a great way to end the trip.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getting Settled

I am finally getting settled in here in Copenhagen. I got in on wednesday May 22nd at around 10:30am. The time difference is 6 hours ahead, so to me it felt like it was actually 4:30am. As soon as we arrived in the airport, DIS was waiting there to take us to our Kolligium. Then we were given a brief tour and headed into the city to get our books. It just happened to be raining the whole time. But it wasn't too bad because everything I looked at was just so unique and beautiful. I live in Oresundskollegiet in Amger, which is just right outside the city. The commute to class is about 25 - 30 mins including all walks and the train ride. I have loved riding the train, it makes me feel part of the danish society. 

I had my first day of class the following Thursday. The day began with our summer orientation in the Trivoli Hotel, not to be confused with Trivoli the amusement park. Following the orientation we were sent off the to the DIS Copenhagen Amazing Race! We were put into groups and sent all over the city to find our way to historic sites in the city. Once there, there was a guide waiting to tell us about the history of the site. It was very informative and very fun. Then, our last stop was to go to our classrooms for the first day of class. So far, the class that I am taking has been pretty interesting and the teacher is very nice and welcoming.

Yesterday was the first day on our own and proved to be an adventure. I got lost before my class and went running all over the city. Luckily I ran into some DIS students who pointed me to the DIS main office. From there, I was given specific instructions and found my way to my building. After, I met up with my roommate and we went exploring. We ended up getting very lost and had to find our way. Getting lost twice in one day?! Thats Copenhagen for you! On the bright side, getting lost has actually been quite beneficial and helped me learn more about my surroundings. Also, I got to see some absolutely breath taking views. 

In just 3 days, I feel like I have learned so much! I can't wait for more experiences to come. 
Stay Tuned!

Haj Haj! 

Just a few pictures of the beautiful places I have visited. 

Nyhaven is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the view is beautiful.

The Royal Palace

Rosenborg Castle

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Begin the One Week Countdown

One week from today, I will be boarding a plane to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark. I will be studying at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), where I will be taking two psychology classes over the course of six weeks. In preparation for my journey I have been making to do lists and checking things off as I go. I don't think it has really hit me yet. I still feel like I have so much to do! 

The main stressor so far is trying to figure out what to pack. I want to pack light, but it is proving to be harder than I previously thought. From what I have read and heard from previous DIS students, Danish individuals have great fashion sense and dress up regularly. Also, it rains a lot and rain boots are not light packing friendly. 

So as I begin the countdown, I am also trying to do some last minute preparation. Although I am a bit nervous, I could not be more excited! 
Now I am off to do some shopping for travel supplies. Wish me luck!

My pre-departure packet sent from DIS